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The Quantum of Branding: logos, Amy Winehouse and Punk Rock

I was at a gig in London the night that Amy Winehouse died. Chuck Prophet- formerly of LA psych-rockers Green On Red – was ripping through his rootsy take on The Clash’s classic album London Calling. As part of the bill Johnny Green- The Clash’s tour manager in their 70’s heyday- had been invited to […]Read More
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  • stratman83ahem...think we'll find Green is a secondary colour not prim...
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Retail Therapy

Tom Head, Director at LabDigital used a fascinating thirty minutes at the digital and marketing theater, showcasing innovative features that are soon to make they way to the high street.Read More

    If Tech is Making Your Marketing Less Creative, You Are Doing it Wrong

    And the perfect chance to have the ‘eating your own dog food’ conversation – a Marketer from within a company providing clever ways to market. But that’s yet to come, when I first sat down with Been at TIBCO NOW in San Francisco, we discussed what marketing differentiation means in a more data driven world.Read More
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