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Putting Customer Experience First

To manage customer experiences, organisations of all sizes and industries must develop a strategy to encompass all customer touchpoints. A survey of 650 marketing industry executives underscored a few key CX trends - this whitepaper explores those trends.Read More

    Understanding the Connected Customer

    Dave Thomson (salesforce.com) and Tim Pickard (NewVoiceMedia) recently presented a webinar about the challenges of how to stay ahead and provide service to these increasingly connected customers. This report was written after the webinar by the Editor of Engage Customer, Steve Hurst.Read More

      Live From Internet World: Building an in-house digital team? Forget CVs

      Personalities matter more than CVs. You need to find people who are fresh and innovative. If you hire on CVs you are most likely going to hire the kind of person you are used to seeing in your workplace.Read More
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