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Marketing is in a mess so we need completely new thinking – IBM Watson evangelist

Marketers who don’t see dark data as a problem and are still chasing personalisation over personification are in for a rude awakening according to IBM Watson’s Jeremy Waite.

4 ways to stop your marketing team drowning in data

Here are some of the data opportunities your marketing team is potentially missing out on and why they matter.

Marketing cloud heavyweights debate AI, shiny new tech and smashing silos

Report: TFM 2016’s marketing cloud panel saw IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe and Marketo square-off in an all-star debate.

Humans + AI = the future of marketing: IBM Watson opens TFM 2016

Keynote report: IBM Watson CMO Deon Newman speaks about AI-as-assistant, the data deluge and IoT insights

Neuromarketing 101: How to think like Disney, Google and Amazon

Today, brands are using neuromarketing to understand their customer behaviours, but what exactly is it and how can you do it? Here's all you need to know...

Think like Google: Why websites are penalised and how to stay in the game

Recently, Google announced that it would penalise bloggers who linked out to companies who had paid them for links. So, here's how to stay in the game.

GDPR no more? How Brexit will impact marketing data in the UK

The UK will be well on its way to Brexit when the General Data Protection Regulation becomes enforced, so why would any UK organisation take notice?

Web analytics tools: Google Analytics vs Clicky vs Adobe and more…

We look at the leading web analytics tools relevant to marketers across free, open-source and paid software, including Google Analytics, Clicky and Adobe.

The devil’s in the data: Tips for a less satantic customer experiences

The devil’s in the data, and for many marketers, it simply isn’t there.

What is a data management platform? The ABC of DMPs

Data Management Platforms, or DMPs, are at the cutting edge of technology yet some businesses have been using them for in excess of four years.

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