Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has to be focused on using these media to help achieve your marketing objectives – both protecting and expanding your brand.

Monitoring and facilitating customer-customer interaction, participation and sharing through digital media to encourage positive engagement with a company and its brands leading to commercial value. Interactions may occur on a company site, social networks and other third-party sites.

Download the Social Media Marketing eBook  which will teach you the 7 steps to creating a social media marketing plan,  including how to:

  1. Benchmark and set new goals 
  2. Create strategy online
  3. Social media listening and online reputation management 
  4. Content and engagement strategy
  5. Create a communications strategy for social media
  6. Implement social media marketing
  7. Social media optimisation

Get your free copy now by downloading the Social Media Marketing guide.

Download the Social Media Marketing Plan: Need To Know guide


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