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How different generations consumer video content [Infographic]

New research reveals differences in content consumption between generations X, Y and Z. Read More

5 tips for using Dark Social power in your marketing

The rise of Dark Social is real. Why it is important and what can business do about it? Here are five tips to help you to stay out of the dark. Read More

State of Social Media: 2017 stats and benchmarks [Infographic]

This handy infographic that summarises key audience demographics and the latest usage characteristics. Read More

‘Financial services regulations often undo our optimisation efforts’ – Hargreaves Lansdown’s Digital Strategy Director

Investment firm Hargreaves Lansdown has a healthy digital outlook in terms of marketing, but sector-specific regulation can hamstring efforts to improve the customer journey says Chris Worle. Read More

2017 email design trends visualised [Infographic]

Email needs to keep evolving. Here are some ideas... Read More

Heinz are actually running Don Draper’s 50 year old ‘Pass the Heinz’ Ad creative

Who in Adland wouldn't want to collaborate with Don Draper? Read More

Digital Trends 2017: Forget VR, AI and IoT – it’s still all about CX

The 2017 Digital Trends report from Econsultancy finds that improving the customer experience is still vital for marketers, much more so than using sexy tech like AI and VR. Read More

Webinar marketing predictions for 2017 [On-demand webinar]

Stay on the cutting edge of webinar marketing and learn how to enhance the power of your lead generation programs. Read More

Lead nature or nurture: Is the perfect customer born or made?

Quality leads are made. Period. What a typical lead nurturing and scoring journey look like? What factors should you consider? Read More

Best practices for lead nurturing

Guess what? Most of your precious leads are not going to buy a thing from you. Here are some simple steps that you can follow when creating a lead nurturing campaign. Read More

App downloads plummet as Google AMP leaps fivefold

App downloads have dropped 38% in the US. Is now the time to kill your app? Read More

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