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Four questions to ask yourself before implementing an A/B test

Predicting the uplift of an A/B test doesn't have to be a guesstimate situation! It is simple if you start with asking yourself these four questions...

Do Algorithms Dream of Electric People [On-Demand Webinar]

Putting the neuromarketing principles into practices in the digital age to tansform performance marketing with creative insight and human understanding.

Top reasons to develop ‘video-first’ customer experience

It’s indisputable: video is on the rise, and the trend shows no sign of abating. Here are tips for how to make the most of it.

Great digital marketing emerges from the crossover between different skillsets

Jane Cave, Managing Director of the IDM gives her views on how marketing teams are changing in 2017.

Why 2017 is the year marketing teams will specialise and restructure

New research reveals how marketers are restructuring to cope with the technology-driven challenges of the year ahead.

How technology and customer-focus is changing marketing teams

Marketing teams have changed dramatically in recent years, and this evolution is predicted to continue at a significant rate, says Pure 360's Komal Helyer.

The Marketing Team Structures Report 2017 [Download]

Download this report to find out how to build high-performance marketing teams and why 2017 is the year of specialisms and restructures.

How different generations consume video content [Infographic]

New research reveals differences in content consumption between generations X, Y and Z.

5 tips for using Dark Social power in your marketing

The rise of Dark Social is real. Why it is important and what can business do about it? Here are five tips to help you to stay out of the dark.

State of Social Media: 2017 stats and benchmarks [Infographic]

This handy infographic that summarises key audience demographics and the latest usage characteristics.

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The Marketing Team Structures Report 2017 [Download]